Ridgman Competition 2017
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The Ridgman competition will be held in Cambridge on 17th June 2017. The competition will start at 0930 at Great St Mary's (please see the map below) with events finishing around 1400.


Open Ringing and Handbells

City-centre towers will be available for open ringing while the competition is taking place. Handbell ringing will take place in the main body of Great St Mary's for anyone interested.

1200 - 1245 St Bene't's 6 13-3-3 in F#
1300 - 1345 St Andrew the Great 8 10-3-1 in G


Food and Beer

As a reward for turning up to a competition so early in the morning, we will be serving bacon butties in the churchyard. Beer will also be available.



Please park on the Sidgwick Site (free) and walk into the centre of Cambridge from there. It should take about 15 minutes to walk to Great St Mary's.