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Guild Holiday - 24th-31st August 2018 

Beach, walks, board games, park run, escape room, and, oh yeah, ringing. What have all these things got in common? They’re just a few of the things that we got up to on our holiday. County Durham was the destination with a large farmhouse providing the accommodation.

In case you were wondering, yes, the beach trip did see some of us foolish enough to actually go into the sea, and yes, it was cold. Make that freezing. As for the escape room, well, luckily everyone escaped so we didn’t have to leave anyone behind in Durham. Ringing wise, there was some more ‘traditional’ ringing with some of us ringing in Durham on Sunday, including at the Cathedral, and a quarter peal of Yorkshire surprise major at Lanchester. There was also some less ‘typical’ ringing in the form of the bells at Frosterley, a 12 bell mini-ring owned by the Black Bull pub (and hence very conveniently situated for any refreshments). We also found ourselves ringing in an art gallery while on our Hartlepool outing. It would be an understatement to say that those bells were very loud.

Thank you to all the local ringers who let us ring while we were there and to everyone who helped with organising the holiday, from accommodation and travel, to food and various activities. A big thank you to all the drivers and to everyone for coming and making it such an enjoyable holiday!

Melissa Nash - Master, CUGCR

Alternative Dinner - 14th June 2018

A break from tradition took us to Brown's restaurant, rather than a college, for this year's Alternative Dinner. Bubbly pre-drinks in the Deer Park, tasty food, a cocktail or two, followed by port and cheese back at Peterhouse. Quite the birthday party for Secretary Imogen! Thank you very much to James E for sacrificing his room for post-dinner drinks.


Guild Dinner - 17th March 2018 

Downing College provided the setting for this year's annual dinner. It was preceded by four successful quarter peals and one peal rung by Guild members during the day, which can be seen on Bellboard. The speeches this year came from Phil Barnes as guest, Dickon Love as past master (featuring limericks) and Joe Wakeling as current master (featuring even more limericks). The handbell band brought round a touch of quarks and, as two of them learnt to ring last year, should be congratulated for their performance.

Joint Outing - 17th February 2018

Our annual joint outing with the OUS this year was organised by Joe and took place in Northampton. We had a good turnout , although the OUS had, perhaps over-ambitiously, booked a minibus for five of them... A good selection of towers, ranging from 6 to 10 bells, were grabbed - most in the city centre and then heading out to Abington for the final ring of the day. A note for the future: pubs in Northampton are very busy at 12pm on a Saturday, recommend booking a table to avoid a chilly lunch eaten outside!

Guild New Year 2018 

Our New Year's resolutions: do more ringing. Play more Bananagrams. Spend more time shooting each other with lasers. The Guild got a considerable head-start on all of these activities and more at our traditional new year celebrations. Attendance was at a record high, with fifteen hungry ringers descending on Rachel's poor unsuspecting parents in Swansea - but the quality of hosting was second to none. Two expertly-organised ringing outings were laid on, along with spectacular walks, overly-energetic evening games, ringing in the new year, and the (now-traditional) opportunity to shoot each other. A thoroughly enjoyable event, as always!

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10th-11th November - Southern Universities Association Weekend, Southampton